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Friction Feeder
Max 65


The MAX 65 is a friction card feeder to feed envelopes, coupons, computer diskettes, folded leaflets, booklets, business cards, phone cards, credit cards, etc.

Polyurethane friction belts driven by a stepper motor providing fast feed and reliability.

Simplified adjustments for fast and easy set up with no tools required, loading at any time by simply adding new product.

Self contained and compact unit with all the controls built-in.

24" high magazine with adjustable sides.

Photoelectric sensor to trigger the cycle;

Photoelectric sensor to detect the position of the next card and stop the cycle

Ideal to precisely dispense items on demand, synchronized with other equipment.

There is no regular maintenance required.

Anodized aluminum construction with stainless steel safety covers.

Technical Data

  • Product length Min 2" Max 6"
  • Product width Min 2" Max 5"
  • Product thickness Min .003" Max.250"
  • Magazine capacity 24" high
  • Speeds 1000 linear inches
  • 280 cycles per minute
  • Power supply 115 V/6 Amps/60 Hz, single phase
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