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Fully Automated High Speed
Shrink band applicator
Artyband Le Club 50


The ARTYBAND CLUB50 is a simple-to-use and cost efficient banding machine to cut and apply shrinkable bands on stacked containers.
Programmable Sleeve lengths make this system very adaptable and the perfect choice of co-packers. Two stepper motors driving two pulling belts will provide accurate lengths no matter how long the band is.
Features self-centering mandrel for easy set up and fast change over with no tools required.
Motorized and self-entering reel holder, horizontally mounted shaft to allow easy loading of reel in proper position.
PLC controller, optical product detector and easy to adjust tool-free indexing system are standard features.
Tubular stand equipped with fast height adjustment hand wheel to conform to the height of the product.
Hi efficiency shrink tunnels and conveyors are available to complete the line and meet installation requirements.
All stainless steel optional.

Technical data

  • Max Product Dia 5"
  • Max flat band 8”
  • Band length Min 1/4" Max 12"
  • Reel size Max OD 16"
  • Core 5"
  • Speeds up to 50 Bands per minute
  • Power supply 220V, 60 Hz, single phase
  • Current:
    Band applicator 3 Amps
    8' conveyor 1,5 Amps

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