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Fully Automated High Speed
Vertical form-fill-and-seal
Arty 80V


Vertical form-fill-and-seal machines for pillow-pack type applications. VECTORMOTION™ belt drive system and speeds up to 100 packages per minute packing coffee, spices, cereals, vegetables, powders, candies, juice, creams, viscous products and hardware parts.

Technical Data

  • Bag length: Min. 1 ” Max. 12”
  • Bag width: Min. 1 ½” Max. 7 ½”
  • Reel size: Max width 18”
  • Max. OD 14”
  • Core 3”
  • Speeds up to: 100 packages per minute
  • Power supply: 220/110 V, 10 A, single phase
  • Compressed air: 4 cfm, 80 psi

PLC controlled.
Touch screen operator interface with memory for 99 recipes.
Fault alarm shut down and message display.
Digital PID temperature controllers.
VECTORMOTION™ direct-drive system driving two side belts to advance the film.
Self-centering pulling belts system, adjustable by means of a hand wheel.
Articulated control panel.
Programmable bag length.
Programmable bag counter.
Motorized reel holder.
Quick changeover and set-up without tools.
Lever operated sealing jaws, by means of a pneumatic rotary cylinder.
Jaws obstruction detection with automatic release and instant machine stop.
Polycarbonate safety guards with interlocking safety switches.
Solid tubular steel construction, protected with white powdered electrostatic baked paint.

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